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Naturopathic Doctors,

confidently diversify your practice in 

ONLY 6 Weeks

so your practice can thrive in any market! 


You know it's smart to diversify your practice but you have no idea where to begin...


Does this sound familiar?


You know it makes good business sense to have multiple income streams but you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and distracted by all the options.

Maybe you are just getting started and are struggling to even get patients.


You are unsure how to gain traction, fill your practice and start making the difference you have a deep desire to make.


And what about all the student loans.... just thinking about them = stress



The three biggest mistakes we see Naturopathic Doctors making in their practices are....

1. They trade hours for dollars (this is not sustainable)

2. They offer  limited ways  for patients to work with 


3. They lack a business 



for growth

Since its conception, ND Community has helped NDs develop more sound business models and financially healthy practices.


Our #1 priority is helping NDs succeed!


Teaching NDs how to diversify their practices not only minimizes their risks for losses during market changes, but also creates an optimal environment for healthy business growth and scalability.   

Imagine what your practice would be like if you could: 

  • Make more and work less for it
  • Bring in a more predictable income
  • Have a loyal patient base with multiple avenues of support
  • Earn even when you aren't seeing patients
  • Have a strong business model that supports growth in all financial climates


Practice Diversification Accelerator

Completely diversify your practice in 6 weeks and never leave money on the table again!

How is the Practice Diversification Accelerator Different from Other Programs?


1. This program is being taught LIVE through Zoom so you can learn and ask questions in real time as you go.


2. You get personal instruction through the whole process. You will be guided through all the tech, all the set up, the strategy, the launch and sales process; support through ALL OF IT!


3. Get real results - fast, with guided implementation hours so you actually implement everything you are being taught. This is not one of those courses you buy and never take action.


4. Ongoing support after the 6 weeks. When you join the accelerator you also become an ND Community VIP member with monthly 1:1 coaching sessions, weekly implementation hours, and weekly Done-for-You Social Media posts!

5. The accelerator is a high-end program without the high-end price tag. We've have made this incredibly affordable so we can help NDs in every stage of practice. 


After completing the

Practice Diversification Accelerator

you will have... 



>Multiple income streams




>A complete online lead generation system




>An online program or course 





>Telemedicine offers





>A high-end program or offer





>Organic marketing strategy





> Facebook ads strategy





> A completely diversified practice


Here are all the amazing things we will cover over the 6 week intensive....

Completely Diversify Your Practice in 6 Weeks


$2000 VALUE

  • Week 1: Your Unique Practice Strategy Roadmap + prep for generating leads



  • Week 2: Launch your lead generation system and drive traffic to your website


  • Week 3: Create your online course or program



  • Week 4: Create telemedicine offers or membership


  • Week 5: Create High-end Program


  • Week 6: Complete Facebook Ad Strategy to grow and scale



      Plus, when you enroll in the Practice Diversification Accelerator you also become a VIP ND Community Member, the most comprehensive marketing and business membership available for Naturopathic Doctors....

      As a VIP member you will also get a private business coaching session every month ($197/month value)







      $297/MONTH VALUE 

      Total Value $8,000+

      Practice Diversification Accelerator + VIP ND Community Membership + Done-for-You Social Lab

      Today you pay ONLY


      *Must either be enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited Naturopathic Medical School to join*


      No commitment. Cancel Anytime. 

      We stand behind ND Community. We are proud to offer a no risk, 100% money back guarantee! If you complete our marketing process and don't increase your impact and income, all you have to do is show us proof that you have done the work and we will give you 100% of your money back. 

      Happy NDs are our why!

      Hey there!

       I can't wait to be your personal guide through every step of diversifying, growing, and scaling your practice. 


      My name is Jackie Noelke, I am a complete marketing and business nerd with 3 successful businesses, a doctorate in Leadership, and real soft spot for Naturopathic Doctors, I happen to married to one ;) 


      If you choose to join us I can promise you this; your success will be personal to me.


      I am dedicated to helping you create the practice and lifestyle of your dreams!

      "Is this right for me?"

      Not sure if the accelerator is right for you?

      ND Community and the Practice Diversification Accelerator are not right for everyone. We don't want to waste your time so here is some information to help you decide. 

      You are a doctor or student who wants to stop trading hours for dollars


      You are open to creating online offers


      You are willing to put in the work and use a proven system to grow and scale


      You are ready to grow, make a difference and take ACTION

      You are a doctor or student who ONLY wants to work one on one with patients


      You have no desire to help people online



      You are looking for a get rich quick training



      You have no desire to have a scalable practice 

      There has never been a better time to diversify your practice


      People want more healthcare options


      There is a higher demand for telemedicine


      There is an increased interest in natural health and prevention


      Consumer behaviors have changed and they want more online options


      We are in unpredictable times; diversifying reduces your risk of loss while increasing your opportunity for growth



      Frequently asked questions

      Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

      • 1. What if I want to cancel?

        Simply email us at info@ndcommunity.com 24 hrs before your rebill date or manage your payment inside our training portal. No questions asked.

      • 2. I'm still a student could I benefit from this?

        Absolutely. In fact, we highly recommend students starting to monetize their knowledge through online programs before they graduate to lessen the burden of loans and startup costs. 

      • 3. How much time should I allow for the program?

        This is up to you. The more you dedicate to it the faster your results will be. We recommend between 1-3 hrs per week. 

      • 4. Do you have a referral program?

        Yes. As a member you can become an affiliate and earn 20% commision every month your referees are in our program.

      • 5. How much will I need to spend on tech tools?

        You will learn how to set up everything using free tools that you can upgrade if you want more bells and whistles. 


      • 6. When are the live Zoom trainings?

        We have three cohorts one starting April 19th that will be held at 11 am CST every Sunday for 6 weeks and the other May 3rd that will be held at 1:30pm CST every Sunday and one starting Friday May 29th at 12 Central for 6 weeks.  *There will be recordings if you can't make it live*

      • 7. When are implementation hours?

        Every Friday from 10 am - 12 pm CST

      • 8. Is there a way to connect with other NDs in the program?

        Yes. We have a private, members only Facebook group, coffee Zoom chats, group coaching and implementation hours where you can connect with other NDs


      Total Value $8,000+

      Practice Diversification Accelerator + VIP ND Community Membership + Done-for-You Social Lab

      Today you pay ONLY


      *Must either be enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited Naturopathic Medical School to join*

      No commitment. Cancel Anytime.